We like to take little road trips, often on roads that are on no map.  One such trip is recorded below in photos.  The first few scenes are near our house, in Col. Úrsulo Galvan, mpio Xico, in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.  It was Palm Sunday time and there were local parades -- the priest, who had to come from San Marcos, was delayed (several hours!), so we didn't stay for the parade.  Instead, we went for a drive, heading first to Xico, and then on the dirt/rock road toward Cocoxatla (which is more of a sign on the road than a town).  We continued on backroads through much beautiful country and several small towns, whose names are now forgotten, and which you will find on no map.  Eventually we made a kind of loop ending up at Teocello, a bigger place not far from our home.  I hope you enjoy these pictures.


Scenes of Mexico -- April 9, 2006

Easter ornament


Our Living Room


Our Living Room--Waterfalls View


Getting Ready for the Easter Parade -- On Our Street


Waiting for Easter Parade to Start


Dogs Love Parades Too


But not as much as Esther


Waiting on our Street


Waiting in front of our gate


The bus comes to our corner


Jeronima, Laura, Victoria, and Jacqueline


In the country, near Xico, not far from our home


Country scene


On the road to Cocoxatla (near Xico)


Bridge at Cocoxatla -- our future water will come from a spring near here


Kinder care (?) at Cocoxatla


Country scene -- on the road past Cocoxatla




How we get around


Cruz, también






Herons (?) in the country


"they are so placid and self-contained..."  (W.Whitman)


School using telecommunications, Tlachy, Veracruz, Mexico


Village church


Church again


The nearby village -- name forgotten :-(


View nearby


..and another


Another country view


Sow profile


The road we travelled


Another small town, not far from Teocello, Veracruz, Mexico


Small town church (near Teocello)


The other side of this crator is visible from our house


Scene, in countryside near Teocello

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